Spaniel Proof: DoggyHQ

Woody was lucky enough to be sent some of the best products from DoggyHQ. Here is how we found them out on our adventures: 

First up was The Vintage Collection Collar – In Claret Red.

 This luxury leather collar is something that I have been searching for and at first glance it was impressive. Everything arrived in a simply branded DoggyHQ box, protecting the accessories inside.  The first thing I noticed was the lovely smell of leather, something that is missing from most dog collars that aren’t 100% leather. The deep red stands out perfectly on Woody’s brown coat; along with the brass buckle to top it off. We also received the same collar in the colour Liquorice Black. This stunning handcraftsmanship is perfect for a smart outing.

I found that these collars are quite a bit wider than most collars you will find, but this only really affects you if you’re adding on extras such as bandanas, bow ties or fitness monitors. Otherwise it stands out in all the right ways.


Looking closely on one end the DoggyHQ logo is imprinted into the leather, adding that extra detail. Keeping it simple enough not to stand out too much on the collar. The buckle is very strong, and I am confident it will last a lifetime with the strength put on it from a large dog. You can also buy matching leads to complete the set with your collar to look picture perfect.

Next up for testing was a Hard Felt Playing Ball [Woody’s favourite item to test so far].

Upon my first look at it I found it extremely heavy and solid – almost worrying me to throw it for Woody in case when he caught it and it caused any damage in his mouth. But it will be excellent if you have a dog that loves to destroy tennis balls. Something that is very common with the traditional tennis balls. Luckily Woody is too ball obsessed to even think about chewing his favourite toy.

We headed to the beach to test this one out. The vibrant red was perfect on the beach, enabling us to spot it hidden in the sand and seaweed. Woody loved running after it and showing everyone his new ball. However he then loved it so much he ran right into the water with it and dropped it. Because he is not used to having a heavy ball, nor am I, we didn’t work out that it would sink in the deep water. That was the end of his favourite new ball [oops!].

Every product we received was of excellent quality and we highly recommend visiting their site here. You can find more of our photos on each product’s page.

Thanks for reading, Megan and Woody.



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