Different Types of Dog Leashes Available for Man’s Best Friend

A dog is man’s best friend, the most loyal friend ever considered. Every dog owner wishes to provide as much comfort as possible for their four-pawed friend. From dog accessories to dog leashes, dog supplies are always quite high in demand.

Dog leashes are brilliant training tools that help dog owners to do early puppy training. This can be used through dog’s senior years as well. A dog leash provides guidance for walking, the pace of the walk and trains the dog to walk in at certain pace. A dog leash also helps prevent dogs from frightening people on the road, urinating in inappropriate places, digging up lawns and plants, running into traffic, or defecating.

3 common types of dog leashes available:

  1. Standard: Dog owners use standard leashes for basic training and daily usage. Standard dog leashes measure from 4-8 feet, depending on the owner’s preference. The ideal length should 6 feet which isn’t too long or too short for any dog. Many dog trainers also prefer using standard leashes for young puppies.
  2. Adjustable: Adjustable dog leashes as the medium for standard and retractable leashes. Adjustable leashes have features of several loops along with the leash. Adjustable dog leashes are excellent way to reward your dog with more walking room. You can shorten or lengthen this leash as per your convenience.
  3. Retractable: Retractable leashes are similar to a measuring tape with the owner holding the device having complete control over the slack. Dogs often learn how to wander within their owner’s predetermined range. Retractable works wonder when the dog has mastered how to walk this way.

Dog owners consider about the dog leash material for various reasons. The most important reason is the durability. The stronger the material is the less likely a dog can chew it. This is one problem many owners face, and due to this reason they always prefer a solid leash. Here are a few materials that are commonly used for dog leashes:

  1. Chain leash: Chain leash for dog is considered to be very comfortable. While waning in popularity, chain leash keeps a dog even the strongest in line. Professional dog trainers never use a chain leash to train a dog, so it is important that you consider this before purchasing one for your pup.
  2. Reflective: As the word suggests reflective leashes consist of a material that reflects in the dark. In this type of leash the reflective material has been embedded into another material like leather. Dog owners who walk their dog at night should consider this.
  3. Leather leash: This leash costs more than other types of material. However, giving the dog full training on a strong leash far outweighs the cost. Leather is much softer in hands and many manufacturers have combined leather functionality with many designs.
  4. Cloth: Cloth dog leashes have fallen out of the favour with many dog owners because there are dogs who just chew on the cloth of the leash. Dog owners prefer either using a chain leash for dogs or leash made of nylon.
  5. Nylon: Nylon material provides strength with the advantage of not constricting when wet. Nylon leash is also an inexpensive material. However, the biggest disadvantage is that it can cut into the owner's hand and even dog’s neck.

Before you plan to purchase a leash for your pet always remember to look carefully for the material you will pick and consider before purchasing a leash consider few factors like control, width, comfort and safety, multi-functional leash, etc. Chain leashes for dogs are one of the most demanded among many dog owners for medium and large breeds.



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