Good Health for Your Dog

Dogs’ live life with three simple rules:

  1. ) Eat heartily,
  2. ) play sport and not games, and
  3. ) love and be loved!

And that's why our Blog is about “Eat- Play–Love” habits to make it more meaningful and joyful for your dogs. We are always worried about what my dog can eat? How I can keep my Dog Healthy and Happy? Why my dog has started behaving angrier, stressed and irritated?


The answers to all three questions lie in the rule of “Eat, Play & Love”. If you are providing a proper diet, providing proper times to play and have fun and providing extreme love to your pet, they will stay healthy and fit. If you forgot to follow any one rule out of three, you will notice some changes in your dog health and behavior.

So today in this blog, we will talk about the first rule of Dog’s Life. What is the importance of Healthy eating habits in Dog? Healthy eating habits help your dog stay Fit, Healthy, Energetic etc. Your Dog diet is something that one should always discuss with the veterinarian. Many Dog owners share their dinner or food stuffs with their pet, but it is not best for the animal. Dogs have a different digestive system than human and certain foods like Grapes, Chocolates are actually quite harmful for them. Eating the wrong food on a routine basis can give digestive problems to your dog. You can ask your veterinarian about the details for the nutrients your dog requires. We will discuss rest two rules shortly in next blog related to Dog Health.

Exercise is important even in the dog world. Generally speaking, a leashed walk around the block isn’t going to cut it. Most dogs need 30 to 60 minutes of exercise a day. Your canine pal needs enough that he’s slowed down by the time you stop.


Knotted Rope with Handle
Knotted Rope with Handle


Some general rules of thumb:

  1. Active breeds need a minimum of 30 minutes of hard aerobic exercise most days of the week, preferably daily.

  2. Not all toy or small breeds get enough exercise inside the house (contrary to popular belief).Pugs, for example, are prone to obesity and need much more exercise than they usually get.

  3. It’s not safe to go out in extremely hot or cold weather. During such periods, stay inside and teach tricks to engage your dog’s mind, throw toys, or run up and down the stairs together.

  4. Good exercise uses both mental and physical muscles. Exploring a new hiking trail, for example, engages your dog’s mind as well as his body. Live by the philosophy that a tired dog is a good dog.

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