How Long does Leather Collars Last for?

While choosing a collar for your Dog the very first thing to decide or to keep in mind is what lifestyle your dog leads and what collar will best suit that lifestyle. Where for a new pup you look for a collar that is light and adjustable because as your pooch grows you can adjust the collar, there for a grown dog you always look for the comfort, style and use of the Collar.

Before purchasing any collar for your dog you should do research to know your Dog and their breed as different types of dog requires different types of collars. Choose a color and style that represents their personality, it is just like choosing an outfit for yourself.

While choosing a Collar for your dog, above all, make sure that you look for a good quality. Focus on thick stitching, strong, with stainless steel or solid brass hardware that won’t tarnish or rust, and subtle fabric or leather materials. Leather Collars are great for hard working or hard playing dogs but a soft leather collar will also look beautiful for a smaller dog at home. Quality leather collar should last for dog’s lifetime, if well cared for.

To keep your leather collar in good condition, avoid getting the leather wet. If ever happens that leather collar came in contact with Chlorinated or salt water rinse it with fresh water and allow to air dry (keep away from direct sunlight) and then apply suitable leather conditioner.

Even prolonged exposure to water hardens the leather so you can use neatsfoot oil to restore suppleness of leather. Simply clean with damp cloth if leather collar becomes dirty in mud.

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