How to Pick the Best Dog Leash for Everyday Use?

There are different lengths, widths, styles and types of dog leash available to suit different breeds, temperament of dog and for different uses in everyday life and training but essentially all dog leashes have the same basic purpose, to keep your dog safe and under control while out in public and as an aid for you to manage your dog during training.

What we need to consider while buying a dog leash is, for purpose you are going to use the leash for, the most suitable length and width, the material it is made from and of course the style and type of fastener leash has to attach it to your dog’s collar. Leather leashes are might be costly than their Nylon counterparts. But with the price tag comes a little more class and style (if you like that sort of thing) and a very durable and long-lasting leash.

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Nylon leashes have the tendency to fray over time whereas treated leather leashes can literally last a lifetime. The picture on the left shows our Huntington Collection Leash in Bistre Brown. This Leash is 185 cm long hand-stitched by using the finest leather. This luxury leather dog lead is finished with solid gold fastening, a soft leather handle for maximum comfort. As mostly the vets recommend purchasing the leashes that uses genuine leather it is not wrong to say that our leashes and collars are made from 100% genuine leather.

Our other leashes include the Vintage Collection Leash in two colors. Claret Red and Liquorice Black. Both leashes are 120cm in length, so slightly smaller than the Huntington leash however it is lighter so it is easy to carry around once you let your dog loose at the park! All three leashes have the DoggyHQ logo embedded onto it to add that extra luxurious touch, and of course both leashes in the Vintage Range is made from 100% Real Leather!

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