How to Teach Your Dog to Clean Up His or Her Toys?

We are here in the next session of Dog Training. So while training we need to keep in mind a number of things i.e. where on one hand we like our dog to learn to be obedient and on the other hand, we want our dog to be well mannered. One of our customers used simple commands such as “sit down and stay” “come here” “Go Back” when they wanted to stop their pup from doing something.

Now is that enough to teach your Dog and to claim that now the Dog is well trained? The answer is NO. As we all want our dog to be a well-mannered, obedient, well-groomed and clean dog. If you’ve ever grumbled about cleaning up tumbleweeds of fur or the innards of de-stuffed toys, you know your dog makes housecleaning a longer business. If your dog already knows how to retrieve and drop a toy, you can shape that into a “Clean Up” trick. 

For this you need some toys, a handful of dog treat, a box /bin placed somewhere in the corner of the house where it’s easy and safe for your dog to reach. It should be a designated area as you can’t change the location of the box while training and lots of patience. Now spread your dog toys near the Box and tell your dog to pick up one toy as sooner he picks it up, tell your dog to come here near the box by tapping the box and as and when your dog leans his/her head on the box just tell your dog “ Drop , Tidy up”. Do it again and again for an hour a day. In Few days you’ll see that your dog is intelligent enough to follow your command and don’t forget to appreciate your dog’s work with a treat. We deal with number of dog training supplies.

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