How to Teach Your Dog to Stay Home Alone?

In the Last session while talking about Dog toys we noticed that while leaving for work we all are worried about our dog all alone at home, and we wonder what he is doing— or, the scariest thought, what he’s chewing up!

There are a few simple ways to keep the dog entertained while you’re at work, all of which can ease your mind and allow your pet to have a more enriching and enjoyable time when he is alone. It seems hard sometimes as Dog is not a Television or a video which can be switched off while we are not at home but believe me it’s not that hard. Yes this is True to say that we can teach our Dog to stay at home alone for this we need Patience, Time, chewable Toys.

  • While training Firstly, we have to teach our Dog not to feel depressed when he doesn’t observe us around. For this just leave your dog alone in his Dog House By passing a Command “Bed” and just walk away from his don’t immediately push him back to “Bed” if he leaves it in few seconds or so.
  • Keep visiting his Dog House place after every 2/3 Min on initial stage and if he is out of bed tell him to stay in bed by passing the command again.
  • To keep him in the bed you can left him there with his chewable toys with which he can play and snuggle around.
  • Start increasing the time to leave him alone every second day. If he chews on things other than the toys say “No”.
  • Teach your dog to stay in den if while your visits he feels anxious to find you near. Slowly and gradually he will learn that if you are not around he has to sit in his den playing with his toys without harming any other things at home and he will not behave madly after finding you around when you are back in front of him.
  • Last but not least when you notice the changes you want to teach don’t forget to treat your dog with his favorite Food items or Treats.

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