DoggyHQ Product Care Guidelines

Collars & Leads: 

The beauty of leather is that it will naturally soften and darken with use. Please dry brush any dried mud or dirt from your collar or lead then use a damp cloth to wipe away any remaining dirt. Use a damp cloth to gently sponge away marks on the fabric. Avoid getting the leather wet wherever possible. If it does, tissue dry and allow to dry naturally (do not use a radiator or heat). To care for the brass fittings avoid getting wet wherever possible and dry thoroughly with tissue if any part does come into contact with mud or water.

We do not recommend that collars with metal hardware are exposed to salt water.  If salt water exposure does happen the metal hardwear should be rinsed with fresh water and the collar taken off and dried. Prolonged exposed to fresh water such as swimming on a regular basis isn't advised.

Tweed Collars:

Please visit our blog on How To Care For My Tweed Collar.

General wear and tear:

Collars and leashes should no longer be used if they show signs of damage. All dog products should only be used under supervision and at the owners discretion.

Please check your dog’s products regularly for any signs of damage. When a product begins to show signs of wear they should be removed from your dog. In particular dog toys should be removed once torn to remove choking hazard. 

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